London to New Zealand and back

I was pedalling along the Embankment in London the day before yesterday, I do this everyday, twice a day, on my commute from home to work and from work to home, but Tuesday was a bit different. I still felt the same usual exhilaration at the sight of the sky, the lapping flutter of the Thames, at the feel of the wind on my skin, and the swooshing past of tarmac, lampposts, pedestrians and of my work day, the feel of my legs pedalling. But suddenly, I was in New Zealand. I’m not sure why, I do this commute all the time, why should a New Zealand just suddenly appear around me?

Might simply have been my brain kicking me into stopping the procrastination streak and egging me to keep this blog going… And so I logged back onto WordPress this week, cleaned up the site a bit, sweeping up and around some of the previous posts, and got to the task at hand – posts a-coming! (I promise.)

Shockingly, I don’t have any photos of my commute, so this auto-portrait will have to do
And this from the Guardian to illustrate what the commute’s like… I’m probably that meandering cyclist getting distracted by dreamy notions of New Zealand and the light sparkling on the Thames

Actually I do have a photo, this is of Hyde Park as I swooshed past lovely evening light

One thought on “London to New Zealand and back

  1. C’est beau de voir la beauté pendant le commuting. Et pas seulement en vacances. Je vais essayer de faire pareil. La photo du parc est superbe.



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