The reason for cycling in Central Asia was to see the ancient cities of the Silk Road. Baku was not particularly on my radar, I had read a lot about Turkey, Iran and about the 'stans of Central Asia and China. Even about India. But I had somehow bypassed Georgian and Azeri history. It makes … Continue reading Baku

Free things

There is so much excitement in crossing a border. You feel like an explorer. Yet you’re surrounded by dozens of other people also crossing, also feeling the same (or perhaps it’s daily routine for the many Georgians who live at the border). The first border in a series of borders, each promising to be harder … Continue reading Free things

Cycling under the sun and sleeping under the stars

The first day of cycling through Georgia was spent meandering through the streets of Tbilisi, veering around surprised Ladas and front-bumper-less cars (remember that in Tbilisi you gotta simply step in front of those cars to cross the street, whether there is a crossing or not, c'mon - assert your pedestrian authority!). A convoy of four … Continue reading Cycling under the sun and sleeping under the stars