South Downs

For a weekend, Pan and Ella rolled through England’s South Downs, following fields and lanes along a route somewhat akin to this:

New Zealand

I arrived in New Zealand not having realised the size of the country… luckily downpours justified taking a few choice buses down North Island when it all got too much. Here’s a rough sketch of the route I took, pretty much planning only a few hours in advance (ignore the cycle time and km tag):

Silk Road – The Initial Plan

The idea is to start in Tbilisi, Georgia, and end in Kashgar, China. Here is a rough map… note the dotted line across the Caspian – that’s for a ferry in order to bypass both Iran and Turkmenistan (and associated visa issues). Hopefully there will be some beautiful cycling in the Pamirs in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan!

The route was not meant to be (only that first semi-ellipse got explored) but if one is interested in such a route, it’s there for the conquering.



The super cycle with the R4WR girls took me from Trabzon to Ankara – again, ignore the car km tag (Google maps does not seem to want people to cycle that route…):

Switzerland to Croatia

I’ve shamelessly stolen these from Ol, but head over his CrazyGuyOnABike page, 2HotWheelz, for the interactive maps (and cool content):